The new local business offering a personal service to burial sites across Mid and West Cornwall

  Posted: 07.04.21 at 11:07 by Joe Macey

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A new small local business has been set up delivering flowers and other tokens of remembrance to burial sites in Mid to West Cornwall.

Attend Services is run by Louise, who came up with the idea around two years ago and the website is now fully operational, waiting to spread the word about the business with a real personal touch.

Louise told Nub News:

"I am offering a service whereby I will go along to the resting place on request and I will place either flowers, painted stones or a potted plant on behalf of the customer and then I take photos, and send that with a short account of my visits to the person who has requested the service. It gives people a sense of involvement in the process, and provides reassurance that their chosen site is well-tended."

The service was originally just offered as a favour, to relatives of neighbours who had passed away but then Louise realised that this could be useful for other people, too.

Louise continued:

The Attend Services logo.

"I hope this service will be useful for people living in Cornwall who aren't able to travel to the site of their loved one's grave, for whatever reason, and also helpful for those with relatives buried in the County, but who live far away. Environmentally, we are offsetting the carbon emissions from our journeys by supporting a tree-planting project on Dartmoor, and also making a charitable donation for every delivery made to either the relevant churchyard or to Cornwall Hospice."

Louise aims to keep the costs down, to make the service accessible and affordable for many of those who may want to make use of it; for example, plants and flowers start from £6 and delivery charges start at £20.

"I hope we can be of service to you, tending the resting places of your relatives, and to help bring you closer to their memory, across the miles," Louise added.

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