Spitfire gives a flying thank you to the NHS above Helston

  Posted: 12.09.20 at 13:55 by Kurt Robson

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Residents watched in wonder this afternoon as the NHS spitfire flew above Helston Community Hospital.

The Spitfire plane, marked with the writing 'Thank U NHS', soared across the sky in honour of everything our National Health Service has done for us during the pandemic.

The Spitfire took off from Goodwood Aerodrome and landed at Newquay Airport.

A spokesperson for The NHS Spitfire Project said:

"It began with an idea, “why don’t we fly our beloved blue Spitfire PL983 ‘L’ around the local villages for the #clapforourcarers this evening? … We can prepare the aeroplane as a household and it could really lift the community spirit”.

"Well, we did, and the response was utterly overwhelming. Being around the Spitfires so regularity can make it all too easy to take for granted just what the sight and sound of this machine means to so many people.

Image: Stephen Crawford Davies

"We just weren’t prepared for the emotionally charged messages of support and gratitude that we received for that first flight, it was what paved the way for the development of the NHS Spitfire project."

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