Local cafe owners to take on Helston Athletic's Blues Kitchen

  Posted: 19.11.20 at 12:30 by Joe Macey

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The next time you get to watch a match at Kellaway Park, there will be some new faces in the kitchen.

Announced this week, Paul and Jo Osborne, the owners of The Hideaway Cafe, Fore Street in Porthleven have agreed to take on The Blues Kitchen, "with extended opening hours and a great menu of football food favourites."

Helston chairman Paul Hendy is good friends with Jo and had brought up the idea in previous conversations.

In an in-depth interview about the vision for the place, they told Nub News:

"Where it is getting so busy now at the club it is more work for the volunteers so Paul messaged us about two weeks ago and things have moved really quickly so what started off as an initial text message within two weeks we have picked up the keys are we are ready to go."

The pair are going to keep both The Hideaway and the kitchen operational, bringing fresh ideas to the place but still maintaining the name "The Blues Kitchen."

Inside The Hideaway Cafe, Porthleven.

The pair are planning to keep the name as they are keen for it to have its own identity, "the kitchen belongs to Helston Football Club so we want to keep it that way, we are trying to create something a little bit different at the football club though," Paul said.

The establishment won't be open full time, only for matchdays, evening matches and catering for the youth sides.

A new coffee machine is also being fitted in the kitchen, Paul and Jo are looking to "up the coffee game" as people get accustomed to good coffee in the area.

They continued:

"The club have been brilliant, we have had a lot of dealings with Paul and Sandra, the committee has been helpful taking on all our ideas and we have walked into the kitchen and everything is all ready to go.

Credit: Helston AFC.

"Everything has run just really smoothly if we have a question we go to Paul and the committee and we get an answer straight back.

"With everything that is going on it has been like a rollercoaster, one minute you have got to open, the next minute you have got to close and I think there is no certainty of anything so this came up as a brand new opportunity, hopefully, it will go really well we will just try out hardest.

"It is a big project because Helston are flying, the club is just getting bigger and bigger so it is quite warming for us to be asked to be a part of that, a lot of responsibility but we thrive on that we have a good feeling about it."

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