Shopkeeper and landlord's relationship sour following store closure

  Posted: 15.09.20 at 14:18 by Kurt Robson

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The relationship between a Helston shopkeeper and his landlord has turned sour - and much to the regret of some customers who have taken to social media to say the business will be missed.

Ben Faulkner has caused something of a stir in the local community after recently opening the 'Shop Locally' store on Meneage Street.

Originally from Derbyshire, he arrived in Cornwall in 2016 while he was homeless “with nothing but my clothes on my back" but worked hard and eventually took over the shop - steering it through the months of the coronavirus with door open despite some people raising concerns.

And in July the premises was targeted by vandals.

Now a conflict with his landlord has finally meant Mr Faulkner has called time - claiming he has been forced out.

"I know what it’s like to struggle - it is why I wanted to help people so much,” he told Nub News, but says he is now unfairly being forced to close.

In July, just after vandals targeted the shop, Mr Faulkner claimed the premises owner wanted him to close so it could be converted to residential use.

Mr Faulkner says he fought to stay on, believing he was protected by his lease but says he has been pressured into leaving as the landlord invoked clauses saying he was solely responsible for repairing the damage caused by vandals.

Engr Golam Kibriya, landlord of the premises, has told Nub News that he disputes all of these claims and has had difficulty with Mr Faulkner as a tenant.

The store is now closed, though it still contains stock, which Mr Faulkner is currently clearing out.

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