Helston lockdown: Prime Minister outlines what community needs to do and Nub News is here to help

  Posted: 23.03.20 at 22:30 by Joseph Macey

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Helston has gone into effective lockdown this evening following Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s nationwide TV broadcast in which he laid down stringent new rules in a bid to battle Coronavirus.

Mr Johnson has outlined four key things this evening – but much of the detail remains to be filled in.

For example, people can leave to go to work – but what sort of work has not been specifically defined. And the definition of two people making up the maximum public gathering lacks real clarity.

The brief outline of actions sanctioned this evening is:

• All gatherings of more than two people in public were forbidden – meaning a ban on all social events, including weddings and baptisms
• Tens of thousands of non-essential shops were ordered to close
• Communal play and exercise areas inside parks will also be shut down, but not parks themselves
• Places of worship such as churches and mosques must also shut, except to host for funerals
• And travel on roads, trains and buses is also banned, unless it’s essential to get to work.

Anyone breaking the rules will be fined at least £30 - and up to £1,000 if they fail to self-isolate.

However, we fully expect more information will be forthcoming from the government and we will keep you informed.

And we also want to know what you are planning to do. What services are being provided to support local people? And how you are all working together as a community, online and in your homes to get through this situation.

Not for decades have local communities required the level of togetherness they need today. The local media has a big role to play, keeping everyone fully informed. We are here for you.

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We are in this together and together we will emerge stronger in a united community.

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