Bradleys Estate Agents Helston: 3 reasons why now is the right time to downsize!

  Posted: 16.06.21 at 11:21 by Joseph Macey

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Following the events of the last 12 months or so, have you found yourself thinking increasingly about reducing, and downsizing your home?

Whether the physical size of your home is simply not required and takes up too much time, money, effort to maintain, or perhaps your home holds your nest egg and it’s time to cash in and enjoy the equity doing whatever it is you have dreamt of doing.

There are many reasons why people in your position are taking action now, perhaps it is time you do the same?

Family is usually a key driver in people moving and particularly when children are further away than you would like or the grandchildren have arrived and are growing up too quickly and you don’t want to miss it.

If the pandemic has taught us one thing, being close to your loved ones is more important than ever to us all. This may enable you to help your family by giving them the leg-up they need to get on the housing ladder or simply being able to see them enjoy their ‘inheritance’ whilst you are here as opposed to when you’re gone.

It is a growing trend to be able to pass on a considerable wealth to your offspring sooner rather than later and means you can enjoy those experiences altogether.

With many financial benefits to buying a cheaper home than the one you currently enjoy, it’s the most common reason to downsize.

The thought of clearing your mortgage and outstanding financial commitments you may have is certainly appealing and potentially you
can tie that in with moving to a lovely new home, perhaps in your dream location.

The health benefits to removing any debt or borrowings is said to be huge and provides one with a sense of freedom, not to mention more disposable cash to enjoy.

Whether you are retired or perhaps are planning for it, removing any financial burden can only be a step closer to making your life more enjoyable.

Don’t you think it’s about time you spoilt yourself? You’ve dreamt of living by the coast or maybe having that holiday home in your favourite place to visit, by downsizing these distant goals can now be a reality.

Extended holidays are also high up on the list when it comes to
downsizing whether it be on the other side of the world or perhaps a road trip across Europe seeking out the golf courses you have always wanted to play, visit the vineyards that have produced your favourite tipple or combining a road trip with a boat trip and exploring the Mediterranean or the Black Sea.

For some, their slice of luxury is closer to home and getting that
sports car or boat to fish as often as the weather allows, you will have choices as to how you spoil yourself but spoil yourself you will.

Moving home is always a personal choice and a big decision as well. It should be the right time on a personal level for you to start a new chapter in your life and hopefully, you and your loved ones can all be a part of that.

Often people seek the ‘perfect’ time, which doesn’t always appear and so you have to take a leap, one that you have been putting off and keep your eyes on the goal.

2021 has seen one of the most active housing markets for decades, the economy appears to be bouncing back and downsizing now could be just what the doctor ordered.

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